He was born in Naples where he lives and works.

He wrìtes poerns in dialect.

CIRO DE NOVELLIS ‘s poetrv gives a wide general survey of interests.

The many elements of his poetrv: gestural art, ritualism, magic-religious element without considering the formal and  the literary ones, entail various interventions, from the antropologv to the ethnology and provide for the historian of religions, the sociologist and often the psycho analytic sciences. He draws on Naples for his poetry, but this city s seen from a different point of view in comparisn with the image that we usuallv have of it. De Noveilis’ apparently involved language is the simplest language, that language we think we have forgotten, but which becomes ciear in the every day gesture, in the religious rituals, in the anxieties, in the apprehensions. In conclusion it’s the language of a poet uho is not alienated yet and then the darkness of a cave, a tree,a child’svoice get the meaning of the sun,of dhe fertility, of dhe motherhood. This language is also new and charming in singing love.

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